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Welcome to my website!

I’m Hanna Sleumer (1982)

I’m a singer and I teach music theatre, choir, singing and piano at my own teaching practice. I studied classical singing at the conservatory of Amsterdam and The Hague. In 2010 I graduated at the Academy of Music Theatre in Rotterdam, Holland. As an extra subject I studied piano; a great companion for concerts, lessons and masterclasses.

I’ve had my own teaching practice for over 14 years, teaching singing- and piano. I’ve been working as a vocal coach for theatre and music groups, performers and amateurs.

I conducted numerous worldmusic-, classical and pop/rock choirs of all ages. My own music is best to be described as poetic folk or world music, mostly originating from European countries.

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My work as a singer and performer

Folk music to me is singing from the heart. When I sing Jiddisch, I feel like coming home, whereas singing a French Chanson I taste poetic beauty that lingers from word to word. A Portugese Fado vibrates from life, Irish folk touches mystic history. But there’s also the classical music that I love to sing. Monteverdi, Handel, Bach, Purcell. It’s a natural choice to sing their songs and aria’s, for me they reflect the cosmic harmony.

As a result I made an album with 13 songs from all over the world:

Fresco del Mundo. One of the songs on that cd, Chanson d’automne, was released in the US on a compilation cd ‘Going back home’ with folk artists from all around the world. Produced by Quickstar Productions, Baltimore.

Improvisation is a great means to explore to be here and now. It brings people together, makes you act in the moment, to make you listen with great care.

Bobby McFerrins group WeBe3 taught me how to do that, as well as great improvisation master Mony Wouters (conservatory Rotterdam, Holland).

After studying classical singing, my time at the Music Theatre Academy of Rotterdam, Holland, gave me the ability to sing all kinds of styles, to use different techniques. It opened the way to choose whatever song I want to sing, it filled my repertoire with richness and variation.

After my studies, I lived in Bulgaria to have singing lessons with Galina Durmushliyska, in Kotel. That gave me insight in the culture and beautiful nature behind the music. The ‘straight’ way of singing, the songs, the sound colours, the typical ornamentation. It was an adventure to be there, as music itself is an adventure and a journey.

Today I perform songs from all over the world and own compositions with

Duo Richard Ekre Suzzi (piano, flute) and Hanna Sleumer (vocals)’ :

chanson d’ automne

donna donna

der rebbe elimelech